.:3M ColorQuartz:.

Product Summary

UV-resistant oxides and 3M Colorquartz to achieve a beautiful pool finish that will enhance your backyard for the life of your swimming pool!

3M ColorQuartz Features:

  • Will not fade or discolor
  • Create your own unique colors and designs
  • Made in WA using American technology

.:3M ColorQuartz Pool Plasters:.

3M Colorquartz Ceramic-Coated Crystals are a melding of nature and technology. We start with quartz, one of the world’s hardest minerals. A ceramic coat is bonded to each piece of quartz. The ceramic coating contains inorganic pigments that give each crystal a brilliant color. This combination creates a crystal that is both tough and beautiful. Its color refuses to bleed or fade even when exposed to harsh sunlight, strong pool chemicals and mechanical wear.

We have used this product for over 15 years here in Perth, and have never had a pool fade or discolor, unlike many other products on the market. We proudly use this product, and as you can see from our photo gallery, the results speak for themselves.